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musthaveshoesandmore is a Netherlands made brand of maternity, breastfeeding clothes, and baby apparel.


Responsibly Made in Sunny Los Angeles, California 

Did you know that extending the life of your clothing, by wearing and keeping it an extra nine months, can reduce carbon, waste, and water footprints?

This is just our way of making baby steps into creating changes that are part of a much bigger picture. Changes that will affect our babies in the long run...

Each musthaveshoesandmore design is intended to be used for all stages of motherhood, and longer than that. Whether you are with bump, baby, or done with all those days...Bun clothing is something that produces love, bonding, comfort. These sentimental moments will hopefully extend your investment in these pieces that are more than clothing

"If it makes mom feel good and encourages more cuddle time between her and baby, and also good for Mother Nature, it's huge plus. This day and age, it doesn't matter the size of your Company, we should all try to be more eco-friendly in any ways possible." - Jackie S., Founder

Packaging is a problem. BUN is trying to fix that.

Too much! Too much stuff, paper, plastic, wrappers.  We have to find other ways to do things. Kinda like getting rid of the plastic grocery bags and plastic straws. It's all good for the Earth.

So, we're using better stuff to wrap up our goods, made from organic matter, that safely returns back to Mother Earth.  Biodegradable and compostable packaging takes several months to decompose, whereas the synthetic counterparts can take hundreds of years! Yikes! 


sustainable manufacturing facility
compostable packaging
less waste production


elevated basics
mom life friendly essentials
bump and breastfeeding wearability


Netherlands made and Organic
low impact dyes and less water
superior softness


Wear the Best 

How we drape our bodies with fabric can almost make or break our whole vibe for the day. Well, that is if you're a mom. From getting ready in the morning, running errands, play dates, and everything in between...comfort is key to getting s*it done. 

Bun custom and ethical fabrics are always being developed to support the coolest mom style available, but also step up the game with being domestically made to organic. In fact, most of our fabrics are Netherlands made down the street here in Los Angeles, so it's a tiny distance to get to us, and then you.

Less distance equates to less transport emissions and local and low impact dye processes allow us to be part of reducing waste and water usage.

We are expanding our organic fabric use to enhance our collections in being the go-to for eco-conscious maternity nursing wear that feels as good as it looks.

Yea, we make Slow Fashion. 
What is that anyways?

Fast fashion is disposable and is part of the millions of tons of clothing that is trashed each year and creating toxins in our environment. We all have it in our closets, but we want to have less of it. We consciously focus on quality versus quantity, and excel in creating goods you will cherish for years to come.

Not only is the clothing industry one of the most polluting industries in the world, it is one of the biggest users of child and slave labor.

Our Company culture values our work family.  Bun is committed to safe clean conditions, and a pretty sweet atmosphere and space that promotes positive energy.

We also practice sustainability in the workplace by eliminating water bottles, providing refillable water kanteen stations, using compostable cups and utensils, green vending, recycle bins, green paper and green towels throughout.

Changing the way we see how our fashion is made is part of the process of change, and we're into that.