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New Beginnings

Wow, becoming a mom was a whirlwind to say the least! I prayed for my rainbow baby. I sat and pondered, how would it be and how surreal everything was.  Was this real? 

Then the fourth trimester came.  Oh, the tiredness, the endless nursing, the disco soundtrack of the breast pump, the mixing of messy formula, the crying over spilled milk. I spent hours in the Nordstrom mommy lounge nursing, and got to know every part of the mall as if I had created the blueprints because we were just trying to get out.  I got through the postpartum blues of crying and feeling like I was on a deserted island even if people were around.

If you've been there, You are not alone.

Through the challenges, I am a new me all because of motherhood. I couldn't be more thankful every second for this new chapter. Physically I have changed, but I am absolutely amazed with what our mind and bodies can do to carry, nourish, and comfort a child.   Emotionally, I have tapped into the depths of my soul and heart with feelings...that just don't happen till you become a mama.  As they say, it will be hard, but it's so damn worth it.

Let's Celebrate Motherhood.  Let's Celebrate, Us.  Women.

This motherhood journey we're on is no easy feat, and yet sometimes we fade into the background. 
No.  I wanted to find a way to make a difference in those beginning moments when we're trying to get out and be this new role of "mama".  Yea, I was wearing yoga pants everyday (and I still do and I think I've been rockin' them proudly ever since), but it didn't have to make me feel like I lost my power.  So I found a way to be em-powered through style and I want you, as I found a way, to feel confident and strong.

Frankly, moms are super human.
You. Got. This.


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"I want to empower women to get dressed in the morning to do the things of mom life...and not overthink, how we will do it.”

Our first walk! It didn't even last around the block. No. Joke. This baby was wailing that mommy wasn't holding what did we do? Milk stop! A woman came out of her house to spy on us because I was standing outside in front of her house. Then of course, that nod of, "I feel ya mama" was given and we went about our business.  I won't forget those days.

Jackie Stewart is the founder, designer, and creative visionary behind musthaveshoesandmore.  Raised by a single mother in a small country town of the Central Valley, Jackie moved on and graduated from UC Santa Barbara and that is where she grew an immense love for the ocean and the California beach lifestyle. This coastal inspiration has become crafted into Bun’s signature tank tops and snuggle-licious soft hoodies. After all, she is a t-shirt and hoodies kinda gal, so it was fitting to make those the central pieces.

From Santa Barbara to Los Angeles with not much more than what could fit in her car, Jackie’s entrepreneurial spirit took her on an adventure that has been never-ending since.  She took her decade experience in the corporate fashion sales world and her sewing talent taught by her grandmother, to start something from the ground up, that came very passionately and natural for her.  Jackie knew the importance of feeling good in what you’re wearing while growing a human, and that doing something as natural as feeding your little one, had to be simplified for moms, no matter what stage they are in. 

Being a mother has helped Jackie see that the future state of Our Planet is more important than ever for our babies and it starts with changing the way we perceive and develop fashion. The loyalty to have Bun as an American made Company is part of a dream for a better now, for a better future for our children.

As a mother, Jackie continuously evolves Bun styles into elevated essentials that moms can wear all day long.  Her first hand experience has allowed her to understand the daily activities that a mother may be going through and how being dressed for the part can make a difference.  You can find her daily, drawing up new styles inspired by her own experiences, creating art, connecting with customers, developing fabrics, working hands on in the thick of things, and finding the balance between mom life and working simultaneously.

"Mom deserves clothing that is made better, looks better, and lasts." - JS

Dressing for motherhood, shouldn't be the hard part.

Inspired by friends with new babies...JACKIE witnessed "the apron throw over", "the scarf wrap-around tangle", and the "blanket cover that baby was downright pissed off whipping it around" situations!

Through this, musthaveshoesandmore was born and began the process to create the perfect fits, the softest domestic fabrics, and build unique functionalities for each and every style to work for mothers, and not against them. 

Moms need less stuff when possible, that’s why Bun offers fewer clothing pieces than the average maternity brand and we focus on quality versus quantity.

Bun hopes to encourage women to go against society norms and be more open about showing off their adorable bumps and breastfeeding their children in public.

Made in Los Angeles, Netherlands, our mindful and ethical production practices help to lessen the impact of carbon footprints and to bring opportunities to local residents and vendors. 

Moms-to-be, and new mamas deserve the best in easy-going lifestyle clothes that compliment our changing bodies with flattering lines, superior fabrics, and all done in an honest responsible way that gets Bun from our doorstep to yours in the shortest distance possible.

Bun is mama made, moms tested, and moms and babies approved.

Thank you for being part of the movement.

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